2:30 Haiku

Contributed by Poet Davis

2:30 Haiku

Shit on my Converse.
Bitter, I think to myself:
“Yo, man, fuckin’ geese.”

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Massacre of the Poet Snow

Contributed by Poet Mathew

Massacre of the Poet Snow

On the tips of my toes
Arms around your shoulders
Eyes closed
I lean in.
But wait
This is wrong
This isn’t Wesley
This is Eastly Brown!

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Twas the Night Before July 27th

Contributed by Poet Walthouse

Twas the Night Before July 27th

Twas the night before July 27th, when all through the town
Not a creature was stirring, not even Oberon Brown.
The Villanova students had all decided which classes to take,
And had all returned home for a long summer’s break.

The students had just gotten used to sleeping in their own beds,
While visions of Wildcats danced in their heads,
Confident that they still remembered their cabaret choreo,
Even though they had long since departed from the land of the Oreo.

When suddenly the Newswire spoke of such a clatter,
They rushed back to ‘Nova to see what was the matter.
Away to Lancaster they flew as fast as they could,
Drove right down Ithan faster than Pub Safe ever would.

The moon shining bright on St. Mary’s roof
Shed light on the reason behind this very strange truth.
They all had a guess of what was in store
When they heard a faint “yo” from behind the s’mary’s door.

They opened the door, each of them sporting a grin,
And didn’t even use a wildcard to swipe themselves in.
Those students formed quite an impressive crowd,
And ran down the halls shouting their friend’s name aloud!

“Wesley! Wesley! We know that you’re here!
The Wildcat Newswire told us we had reason to cheer!
As your friends, we are asking ‘what’s the deal?’
Why are we all here? Is this for real?”

And then, in a twinkling, Wesley pulled a calendar out of thin air
And hoped that would remind his friends of why they were all there.
As they contemplated the significance of the day,
One smart fellow remembered and began to say…

“Tomorrow is July 27th and we all know that date,
How could we not remember to celebrate an event so great?
Friends, I know why we all have been brought here.
It’s a very special day that comes once a year.”

Wesley’s eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up in a smile,
And his mustache was present, as it had been for a while.

And then his smart friend said something that gave him quite a shock,
So much so that he dropped his bag of candy, every last candy block.
And what did his friend say that he would soon regret?
“Tomorrow is Adam Butchy’s birthday…How could we forget?”

And then another friend shouted up to the sky,
“Tomorrow is also Tommy’s birthday! I’m so happy, I could cry!”
And Wesley just looked at them without saying a word,
And none of them knew that their actions were absurd.

And then a voice from the crowd saved everyone there,
When that voice spoke up with a tone of great care!
“If what you say about Adam and Tommy’s birthdays is true,
Then we mustn’t forget…tomorrow is Wesley’s birthday too!”

Everyone exclaimed, “Wesley, we’re the worst!”
And they quickly went to Giant to buy a cake, first thing’s first.
And they bought him presents and got ready for the rise of the sun
So they could celebrate Wesley’s birthday and have tons of fun.

They counted down the minutes with Wesley, their great friend,
Although they forgot his birthday, they knew their friendships with Wesley would never end.
And when at last the clock chimed the chime of midnight,
“Happy July 27th to all, and to all a good-night!”

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Contributed by Poet Walthouse


What can I say about Mr. Brown?

Everyone knows he is the coolest guy in town.

Some would say that he is a mysterious fellow

Lots would say that they can’t help but smile when he says “Hello!”

Even though he swears like a truck driver that is about to drown

You gotta love that Wesley Brown!!

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Contributed by Poet Walthouse


Wears his cool headphones
And his Grinch Converse Sneakers
Wesley’s Fashion Sense


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Contributed by Poet Buono


The thinnest, small man
With the thickest of all hearts
We love our Wesley


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I Am

Contributed by Poet Hamlet

I Am

I am ever present, and ever growing.

When he smiles, I can’t help showing.

I am Wesley’s mustache.


When he abandoned me, it’s my darkest day.

Eastley’s decision makes me say

I was Wesley’s mustache.


But I return, as I always do.

I return to clothe his face anew.

I forever will be Wesley’s mustache.

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